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    VLF HV generator
    The product combines modern advanced digital variable frequency technology and micro computer control together, therefore, it can realize the full automatic voltage boost, stepdown, measurement and protection as well as the manual intervention in the process of automatic voltage boost. The full electronic design ensures the small size and light weight. The big LCD screen ensures the clear and visual display, and can display the output wave form. The printer outputs test reports. In addition, the product has features as follows:
    ● Data of current, voltage, wave form can be directly sampled at high voltage side, so the data is real and accurate.
    ● Overvoltage protection: If the output exceeds the set limit of voltage, the instrument will shut-down to protect itself, the actuation time is less than 20ms.
    ● Overcurrent protection: it is high-low voltage dual protection in the design, the accurate shut-down protection can be made according to the set value at high voltage side; If the current on low voltage side exceeds the rated current, the instrument will take shut-down protection, the actuation time are both less than 20ms.
    ● A high voltage output protective resistor is provided in the voltage boost body in the design and this eliminates the need of additional protective resistor connected outside.
    1. Output voltage ratings: See Details of Table 1
    2. Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz
    3. Measurement accuracy: 3%
    4. Positive and negative voltage peak errors: ≤ 3%
    5. Voltage wave form distortion: ≤ 5%
    6. Use condition: indoor and outdoor; temperature: -10℃∽+40℃
    Humidity: ≤ 85%RH
    7. Power: AC50Hz, 220V ±5%
    8. Power supply fuse tube: See Details of Table 1VLF Tester manufacturers


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