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    16*16 WS2812B LED Matrix
    Product Parameter:
    P/NLED Qty/pcsSize(mm)PixelVCCPowerICLumen per pcsIP
    MDR-PS2811IC-256RGB5050 RGB 256ledsL160*W160256DC5V51W/pcsWS2811R:102400 G:179200 B:48640IP20
    1. WS2812B flexible LED matrix-16×16 pixels.
    2. It’s very easy to add any letters while each individually control .
    3. That鈥檚 256 individually addressable LEDs on a 160mm x 160mm flexible panel.
    4. You can set any animations.
    5. These panels require a 5V low voltage input for power which needs to be able to source a good amount of current 鈥?up to 5A in most uses(15A required wen you set all LEDs in white color).
    6. There are two 3-pin JST SM connectors and two pcs bare power cables.
    7. Red :DC5V+, Yellow:COM-, Green:DAT, and Yellow GND.
    8. When the full panel set as white color , the whole PCB getting very hot even if.
    9. We used 2 ounce Copper.
    10. You must supply power to each panel when you links many pcs.
    Note: pls pay attention to the matrix when you bending the flexible panel.
    1. DIY electronic production.
    2. Advertising.
    3. Display.
    4. Subtitlesbuy discount LED Matrix Display


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